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webinar.pngIMPACT has partnered with a web conferencing provider to offer an excellent solution for sales demonstrations, technical support and training. Webinars, or web conferencing, along with standard teleconferencing gives us the ability to demonstrate our weld monitoring products, features and ARClient® software to one or many individuals within your organization...right from the comfort of your office, computer and telephone. Using internet technology, we can project our screen onto yours through a simple web interface. As if we were right there with you, we can offer a full sales presentation and live software demonstration, without the hassles associated with on-site visits. Due to the nature and efficiency of a webinar, it is significantly easier to get the right decision makers to attend a brief product presentation. Each webinar can support up to 100 simultaneous participants, or a conference room projector and speaker phone can be utilized to get the same effect.

Sales Webinars

Webinars associated with sales inquiries are offered free of any cost or obligation to any organization interested in deploying ARCAgent™ real-time arc weld quality monitors in their welding processes.

Support/Training Webinars

IMPACT provides several ways to get the support and training you need. Webinars, or online training sessions, are an extremely effective method of doing so. Does this form of training replace traditional classroom training? In many cases, YES! With any capable product there comes a level of complexity which naturally makes it difficult to retain all the information in concentrated brain dumps. Support and training webinars provide quick access to IMPACT's training personnel for shorter, more effective training sessions. As the users mature in their understanding and use of the system, the training matures and is adapted to meet them wherever they may be in the learning curve.

Support Webinars can be obtained in two few different ways:

  • Per Hour Training Sessions: Provides a simple per hour cost structure for getting the training you need.
  • Support Subscription (Gold Level): Provides up to 8 1-hour sessions in a 12 month period.

Schedule a Sales or Support Webinar

To schedule a Sales or Support/Training Webinar, contact your IMPACT sales representative by calling (517) 789-0098.




ARClient® Software

arclient_small.pngARClient® software provides powerful PC based tools to make each arc weld monitoring system work efficiently and effectively for our customers.

ARCAgent™ 3000


Our best arc welding data monitor system for advanced weld defect detection or advanced algorithm development and deployment.

ARCAgent™ 3000P


Advanced, portable arc  welding data acquisition and arc welding data monitor system with proven benefits for engineering, techs, and maintenance personnel.

ARCharter™ Software

archarter_small.pngARCharter™ is our SQL database solution for advanced data analysis, reporting and charting. Off-the-shelf and custom reports available.

ARCAgent™ 2000


Most widely deployed arc weld data monitoring system for robotic and automated welding applications. Offers 3 layers of weld monitoring defense.

ARCAgent™ Totalizer


Automatically records, communicates and charts real-time arc weld production data and information that facilitates informed decision making.

ARCAgent™ 1000


Entry level arc weld data monitoring system for robotic and automated welding applications. Offers 2 layers of weld monitoring defense.



17" Touch Operator Interface. Combine the power of Windows® XP Embedded with durability of a panel view.

IMPACT pcOi Lite


12" Windows® XP Embedded Touch Operator Interface. Perfect for complex applications that require operator interaction.

AA™ Weld Counter


Designed specifically for manual weld process control and monitoring. 100's have been deployed to detect missing welds alone.