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pcoi-lite_med.pngThe IMPACT pcOi Lite is a 12" Touch Screen Operator Interface with an embedded biometric authorization/login scanner for applications requiring a long-lasting PC solution. The pcOi Lite was specially designed to provide all the advantages of a Windows® PC at the manufacturing cell without the disadvantages associated with a traditional PC in that environment. The pcOi Lite provides a solution for large fabricators and job shops when the solution requires operator interaction with an ARCAgent™ or ARClient® software.

Rugged & Sealed Enclosure

The IMPACT pcOi Lite was designed to exist in the harsh environment of a manufacturing floor. This rugged, yet lightweight, operator interface is completely sealed to prevent manufacturing debris and the environment from affecting the internal components of the pcOi Lite. The custom-hinged back door provides easy access to the internal connections for installation and when service may be required.

High-temp Embedded SBC (+85C)

The IMPACT pcOi Lite is based on a high-temperature, single board computer that supports operation with no moving parts. It provides all the standard hardware features of a traditional PC (2-USB ports, 1-Ethernet ports, IDE, 2-RS-232, Compact Flash, etc), but does not require additional cooling measures until the internal temperature regularly exceeds +85C.

XP Embedded Operating System on Compact Flash

One of the key disadvantages of a traditional PC is the Windows® XP Operating System paired with a moving hard disk which is prone to failure, especially in harsh environments. The pcOi Lite addresses this disadvantage by running Windows® XP Embedded entirely from a 1GB Compact Flash disk. XP Embedded was designed specifically for manufacturing and kiosk applications where up-time is paramount.


ARClient® Software

arclient_small.pngARClient® software provides powerful PC based tools to make each arc weld monitoring system work efficiently and effectively for our customers.

ARCAgent™ 3000


Our best arc welding data monitor system for advanced weld defect detection or advanced algorithm development and deployment.

ARCAgent™ 3000P


Advanced, portable arc  welding data acquisition and arc welding data monitor system with proven benefits for engineering, techs, and maintenance personnel.

ARCharter™ Software

archarter_small.pngARCharter™ is our SQL database solution for advanced data analysis, reporting and charting. Off-the-shelf and custom reports available.

ARCAgent™ 2000


Most widely deployed arc weld data monitoring system for robotic and automated welding applications. Offers 3 layers of weld monitoring defense.

ARCAgent™ Totalizer


Automatically records, communicates and charts real-time arc weld production data and information that facilitates informed decision making.

ARCAgent™ 1000


Entry level arc weld data monitoring system for robotic and automated welding applications. Offers 2 layers of weld monitoring defense.



17" Touch Operator Interface. Combine the power of Windows® XP Embedded with durability of a panel view.

IMPACT pcOi Lite


12" Windows® XP Embedded Touch Operator Interface. Perfect for complex applications that require operator interaction.

AA™ Weld Counter


Designed specifically for manual weld process control and monitoring. 100's have been deployed to detect missing welds alone.