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3000_med.pngThe ARCAgent™ 3000 was designed to provide advanced, off-the-shelf, and custom real-time monitoring solutions. The ARCAgent™ 3000 offers 4 monitoring modes to assist with quality assurance through 100% non-destructive testing of every weld. The 3000 utilizes a 16-bit, high-speed Digital Signal Processor that makes it the ideal solution for advanced weld monitoring. If your welding application or defect detection requirements are unique, the ARCAgent™ 3000 was created with you in mind

Advanced Weld Signature™ Analysis

The ARCAgent™ 3000 adds Advanced Weld Signature™ Analysis to the line of ARCAgent™ weld monitoring systems. The 3000 incorporates 4 new monitoring algorithms developed by iMPACT's experienced engineers. These next generation algorithms go deep into the Weld Signature™ to measure and monitor arc-instability, arc-disturbance, arc-variation, and arc-inconsistency.

CAT Porosity Algorithm

IMPACT Licenses Three Caterpillar® Patents for Detecting Porosity in Heavy CV Welding Applications. IMPACT Engineering has integrated powerful porosity detection algorithms, developed, patented and proven by Caterpillar, into its ARCAgent™ 3000 arc-weld monitoring system.



ARClient® Software

arclient_small.pngARClient® software provides powerful PC based tools to make each arc weld monitoring system work efficiently and effectively for our customers.

ARCAgent™ 3000


Our best arc welding data monitor system for advanced weld defect detection or advanced algorithm development and deployment.

ARCAgent™ 3000P


Advanced, portable arc  welding data acquisition and arc welding data monitor system with proven benefits for engineering, techs, and maintenance personnel.

ARCharter™ Software

archarter_small.pngARCharter™ is our SQL database solution for advanced data analysis, reporting and charting. Off-the-shelf and custom reports available.

ARCAgent™ 2000


Most widely deployed arc weld data monitoring system for robotic and automated welding applications. Offers 3 layers of weld monitoring defense.

ARCAgent™ Totalizer


Automatically records, communicates and charts real-time arc weld production data and information that facilitates informed decision making.

ARCAgent™ 1000


Entry level arc weld data monitoring system for robotic and automated welding applications. Offers 2 layers of weld monitoring defense.



17" Touch Operator Interface. Combine the power of Windows® XP Embedded with durability of a panel view.

IMPACT pcOi Lite


12" Windows® XP Embedded Touch Operator Interface. Perfect for complex applications that require operator interaction.

AA™ Weld Counter


Designed specifically for manual weld process control and monitoring. 100's have been deployed to detect missing welds alone.