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2000_med.pngThe ARCAgent™ 2000 was designed to provide robust, off-the-shelf, real-time monitoring of weld count, weld length (duration), and process parameters (current, voltage, wire feed, gas flow) as well as additional features including: shorting frequency, pulse frequency, pulse width, power input, etc. Traditional cut-n-etch and destructive testing alone is ineffective at ensuring process control. The ARCAgent™ 2000 offers 3 monitoring modes to assist with quality assurance through 100% non-destructive testing of every weld on every part.

Part Tracking™ - Detect Missing/Incomplete Welds

  • Are ALL your welds present and accounted for?
    The ARCAgent™ 2000, when integrated with your welding automation, organizes, captures and monitors every arc event to ensure that the correct number of welds was produced on every part. If proper containment procedures are followed, you will not produce missing welds without them being detected by the ARCAgent™.

  • Are your welds performed to the proper length?
    With upper and lower duration limits, each weld is independently verified to have been welded for the correct duration. Many, if not all, incomplete welds occur due to automation or weld equipment faults.

You can control missing and incomplete welds in a manual or automated welding process through the real-time monitoring and alarming of total welds and arc duration...aka Part Tracking™.


Set-point Analysis - SPC Limits on Real-time Sensor Averages

  • Are my welds within set upper/lower control limits every time?
    Do you want to know when your welding process is in or out of control? There are many factors that affect whether a weld is good or bad. The ARCAgent™ via Set-Point Analysis monitors your welding output parameters (average current, voltage, wire feed, gas flow) in real-time to independently verify that all the 'ingredients' of the weld were accurate and stable. Poor equipment maintenance is one of the major causes of welding defects. The ARCAgent™ will notify your staff when the welding equipment and/or process requires maintenance.

Weld Signature™ Analysis - High-speed Data Monitoring

  • Robust weld monitoring algorithms for detection of many weld defects.
    Weld Signature™ Analysis monitors the entire weld signature to look for subtle (or sometimes obvious) changes in the weld signature pattern. Defects regularly detected by the ARCAgent™ include: changes in work distance, insufficient penetration, worn tips, irregular wire feed, grounding problems, part fit-up, burn through, excessive heat input, and many more.

ARClient® Software

arclient_small.pngARClient® software provides powerful PC based tools to make each arc weld monitoring system work efficiently and effectively for our customers.

ARCAgent™ 3000


Our best arc welding data monitor system for advanced weld defect detection or advanced algorithm development and deployment.

ARCAgent™ 3000P


Advanced, portable arc  welding data acquisition and arc welding data monitor system with proven benefits for engineering, techs, and maintenance personnel.

ARCharter™ Software

archarter_small.pngARCharter™ is our SQL database solution for advanced data analysis, reporting and charting. Off-the-shelf and custom reports available.

ARCAgent™ 2000


Most widely deployed arc weld data monitoring system for robotic and automated welding applications. Offers 3 layers of weld monitoring defense.

ARCAgent™ Totalizer


Automatically records, communicates and charts real-time arc weld production data and information that facilitates informed decision making.

ARCAgent™ 1000


Entry level arc weld data monitoring system for robotic and automated welding applications. Offers 2 layers of weld monitoring defense.



17" Touch Operator Interface. Combine the power of Windows® XP Embedded with durability of a panel view.

IMPACT pcOi Lite


12" Windows® XP Embedded Touch Operator Interface. Perfect for complex applications that require operator interaction.

AA™ Weld Counter


Designed specifically for manual weld process control and monitoring. 100's have been deployed to detect missing welds alone.