2010_02_03_122916.pngThe demands of the welding industry require constant diligence to improve productivity, quality, and lower cost. The achievement of these goals is the vested interest of many entities throughout the enterprise. However, in order to direct action that yields cost saving improvements, accurate real-time weld process information is paramount. Products exist that provide welding information. Solutions also exist that provide powerful, robust information which can be used to direct cost saving measures.

Maximizing productivity is the goal of all organizations. But how does one practically increase productivity? First, one must continually measure current productivity and second one must understand the time and reason for the lack of productivity; i.e. downtime. The ARCAgent™ arc weld monitors measure and report productivity on a station by station basis whether it’s a manual welding station or robotic welding station. In easy to discern reports and charts, the ARCAgent™ presents an accurate picture of production and equipment utilization.The information is automated for quick use and response.

Another aspect of productivity is benchmarking. A part for costing purposes has an estimated weld time. It is expected that a specific part will take this manyminutes/hours of time to produce. But how does that compare to current production times? Originally, a part was determined at a price specified using a fixed amount of time to produce the part. Utilizing the ARCAgent™, a user can calculate the current time necessary to produce the part and if this differs from the benchmark, begin to understand why profit margins are not being met. The same benefit can also be derived by measuring consumable use. Lowering production costs includes a myriad of factors. One major cost factor is re-work. Minimizing re-work through process control is a valuable tool. ARCAgent™ technology will alarm if process limits are exceeded and prevent the continual welding of parts with out-of-process parameters. This reduces rework by ensuring the elected process parameters are used to produce the part.

ARCAgent™ technology will enable enterprise personnel including management,production supervisors, and technical personnel to improve their areas of responsibility by using information. This critical information takes the guess workout of a production operation yielding faster detection of problems with quicker resolution all the while leading to reduced down-time, scrap, and re-work.


ARClient® Software

arclient_small.pngARClient® software provides powerful PC based tools to make each arc weld monitoring system work efficiently and effectively for our customers.

ARCAgent™ 3000


Our best arc welding data monitor system for advanced weld defect detection or advanced algorithm development and deployment.

ARCAgent™ 3000P


Advanced, portable arc  welding data acquisition and arc welding data monitor system with proven benefits for engineering, techs, and maintenance personnel.

ARCharter™ Software

archarter_small.pngARCharter™ is our SQL database solution for advanced data analysis, reporting and charting. Off-the-shelf and custom reports available.

ARCAgent™ 2000


Most widely deployed arc weld data monitoring system for robotic and automated welding applications. Offers 3 layers of weld monitoring defense.

ARCAgent™ Totalizer


Automatically records, communicates and charts real-time arc weld production data and information that facilitates informed decision making.

ARCAgent™ 1000


Entry level arc weld data monitoring system for robotic and automated welding applications. Offers 2 layers of weld monitoring defense.



17" Touch Operator Interface. Combine the power of Windows® XP Embedded with durability of a panel view.

IMPACT pcOi Lite


12" Windows® XP Embedded Touch Operator Interface. Perfect for complex applications that require operator interaction.

AA™ Weld Counter


Designed specifically for manual weld process control and monitoring. 100's have been deployed to detect missing welds alone.